We are glad to cooperate with our European


Clients of the company «King’s Comfort» in Russia have estimated the creative approach of Wallaboo team to baby products, and also high quality, stylish design and convenience in use of goods.
Wallaboo offers fashion baby slings, nice and comfortable baby wraps, great-looking baby overall, cosy footmuffs, soft-soled baby-shoes, car seat covers, diaper bags for modern mums from Wallaboo.
The highest EU-test requirements for Wallaboo baby goods are the norm and every product has to comply to these before being introduced. Wallaboo products are being sold in more than in more then 35 countries on 3 continents.
The name, Wallaboo, was taken from the Wallaby, a small Australian Kangaroo. The baby Wallaby sits warm, cosy and protected in the mother's pouch. This is the image the company use when developing the products. The Wallaboo team works on new designs every day; designs which offer a warm, soft and caring environment, for every baby. Every functionality makes all products great to use.


Founded in 1879 Klippan Yllefabric is a family company that has now spanned five generations. Today Klippan Yllefabrik is one of Scandinavia's most modern wool spinning plant and famous brand in the textile industry.

Klippan produces yarn, throws, blankets and fabric. «King’s Comfort» company is glad to cooperate with Klippan on children’s blankets.

According to company’s philosophy, they only use natural fibres for their products such as wool, linen and cotton. Klippan Yllefabrik is exclusive in the market in using “ECO WOOL”. All of the children’s blankets are produced in “ECO WOOL”. Wonderful chenille blankets in 100 % silky smooth cotton also have become very popular, which is understandable taking into consideration their softness and unique designs. Production of the blankets and throws is in Klippan own factory in meeting all EU standards. This allows the producer to totally control the high-level quality.




DUSHI is bursting with great ideas to make the world a more beautifulcheerful and friendly place. DUSHI conceives and develops unique concepts, products, services and initiatives. DUSHI always conducts business according to 4 pillars that embody and express its human values.

 The 4 DUSHI pillars are:
Love What would we be without love for ourselves and others?
Talent Pursue and develop your talent, passion and creativity. That way you'll find the right direction.
Wisdom         Learning is more than 1 + 1 = 2. Explore: be conscious. And use what you learn to do good.
Joy Adopt a joyful attitude to life and think positively. Life will respond by becoming easier and more beautiful.
The word dushiis Antillean and means ‘sweetheart’. But DUSHI means more than simply sweetheart. Everything and everyone can be DUSHI; a person, group of people, story, event, lesson or book. So when you experience something positively: call it DUSHI!



Original and clever decisions from a brand "Pourty" (England) are born thanks to creative approach to daily and routine things of the founder of the company John Rathbone.

The idea for the Easy Pourty chair was conceived in England when John and his wife Lucy were potty training their 2 eldest children. So it is now one of the bestselling potties in the UK.
Then John Rathbone went further, applying the creative look to other babycare products. He has now designed the Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer which adjusts to fit on most sizes and shapes of toilet seat securely without the scary wobble. To complete the range Pourty company has a step stool in production stages and will be unveiling it soon.

Pourty team aims to keep creating and sourcing good quality, useful products for your baby and child.
Now the customers in Russia have the opportunity to buy the Pourty brand goods with KingsComfort Company.

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